About Us

TheCheatPlanet was formed back in 2008 originally run as an underground project, releasing our software to a small group of users on a forum. It wasn’t until 2012, when people became aware of our work, that we decided to go public and build a website. To date, we have over 50 game hacks and are growing quite rapidly. Although we specialize in game hacks, we are open to explore other options and have successfully created working keygens for multiple games, as well as some non-game related software.

Meet The Team

PitBull – Webdesign. In charge of building/updating the website, uploading new hacks to the website, creating video tutorials.

xVen0mx – Software developer. Without this guy, there are no hack tools and keygens. Spends a LOT of time developing new software demanded by our users.

BlaDe – Software updater. When a game gets patched, resulting in the hack tool not working anymore, this guy is here to find a loophole and make it fully functional once again.

John – User interaction. Interacts with users of our website via facebook, twitter, youtube etc. Gathering ideas and requests for new game hacks. John is also our customer support. When you submit a ticket on the ‘contact us’ form, he is the guy to respond.


Who’s Online